More Ross-ness

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Frozen Solitude & Dragon

Still studying some of Bob Ross’ videos, can’t help but add a few touches of my own.

3-D Works

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I broke my wrist on my drawing hand a while back, and I’m just getting to the point where I can do a few things, but when I was really struggling I devoted myself to learning Daz Studio and had quite a bit of fun with it.  I mean, who doesn’t like a pirate pin-up?PP1

Bob Ross (sort of)

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I’ve been working on learning the new features of Painter ’18 so far they have had a couple of tutorials that help you paint like Bob Ross.  This is a huge departure for me, I’m usually very meticulous about layout and ideas before I ever make a final piece, but this is flying off the seat of your pants, and so far it’s been quite fun!Waterfall

Rough Drafts

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One of my pieces, showing work from early concept.12698453_1534024956896408_6793404745566177375_o

New Works Under Way

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I am sorry for the long hiatus, a lot has happened which upended my life, but now I’m getting back in the saddle.  Be ready to see new works and some old sketches as well as information on my upcoming novels!


Still here!

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It’s been a long ride getting here but expect new updates soon!

Two New G10 Books!!!

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The 2nd of our two new books…Under a Vanishing Moon. This is an epic sci-fi ad…venture that answers a big question: what would happen if the Moon disappeared? Check out our “Our Books” tab for details!

Under A Vanishing Moon, Promo!

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G10 is hard at work on their third book.  Here’s a promo piece I did..

.Moon (1)V1txt

Well best laid plans and all that…

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I’m sorry for slacking off on posting here, but just to update you:

1) I am hard at work with the members of G10, on our next book, this time a full length novel, called “Under A Vanishing Moon”. We are hoping to have preview copies done by June, because we are working toward having a booth at the Star Trek Con in Vegas this summer.

2) G10 also launched a new website April 2,, which I have written an article (drawing The Escape) and I am supplying some art work to the new site as well.

3) I have been working on starting a photography business, and a subsequent website (coming soon, hopefully).

4) My middle daughter (#2 of 3) is getting married in May, so there is a bit of work going on from that end as well.

5) I started a Vegan diet, and a blog about it, [link] which is about going from being a meat eater to not without loosing your mind (BTW-its been 5 weeks and I’ve lost 16lbs.). The BIG problem with the diet is that you basically spend a lot of time cooking!

All in all it hasn’t been the 2009 I thought it would be, but you just have to keep going with the flow and working on your dreams!


Keys: Unlocking The Universe, available on Amazon


Check out the review for our first book, The Artifact:


The Artifract: An Anthology is available on


and at


Book Signing, Keys, Unlocking The Universe!

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0261Last Saturday marked my second book signing! It was an interesting day and I autographed copies of Key and The Artifact. Pretty fun.