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The Artifact: Ready for the public!

Posted in General News with tags , on August 21, 2008 by dgtrekker

As some of you know, I’m part of a group of authors who got together to write a book…and now our efforts have produced a book ready for public viewing!  It will be available on Amazon in a few weeks, but you can get one right now, here;


Go forth and support a group of aspiring writers!


It frakin’ stinks…

Posted in General News with tags , on August 5, 2008 by dgtrekker

As many have noted, Fanlib passed into what was.  I was many of those who stuck around for the “last post”.   It was like watching a good friend move away; oh you’ll write some and talk on the phone, but it will never be what it was, and it will be sorely missed by all.